I’ve had a bumpy start to driving and Lisa is my 4th instructor.  I can confidently say that I can see myself passing with her by my side.  We’ve only had 4 lessons together and I have found that Lisa is an exceptional instructor.  Her instructions are clear and she adapts her teaching style to the student making us feel extremely comfortable.  She remains very calm and I have tested this when I stalled exiting a ‘T’ junction onto a main road.  I automatically went into panic mode especially when I saw a car coming but Lisa wad incredibly calm and reassured me.  The other car stopped and waited while Lisa slowed everything down for me and without me realizing it we were on the move again.  We pulled over and Lisa explained everything to me step by step to help me understand and what to do next time.  I really appreciate how patient and understanding she is and I’m looking forward to my lessons once again.