Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Car Driving Lessons

Thank-you for visiting this page of questions I am regularly asked by people. I’ve done my best to answer them all but if you’d like to chat or ask another, please get in touch. Tap the questions to see the answers.

Do examiners have a quota of passes?

No they don’t. The results are monitored though as a tell tale guide if the examiner is doing his own thing instead of keeping within the DVLA’s marking criteria.

Should you change down the gears whilst slowing down in traffic or to stop at the side of the road?

No, you don’t have too. The simple rule is the gears are for going and the brakes are for slowing. Brake down to the speed you require, then go into a gear suitable for that speed. If you have stopped at the side of the road, the gear will be neutral, if in traffic with the prospect of moving almost immediately, it will be 1st gear.

Should I always signal when moving off from the side of the road?

If there is not the slightest chance of any-one being affected by you moving off, including oncoming traffic and pedestrians, there is no point in signalling. Your awareness of your surroundings would decide if you need to indicate or not.